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Antivirus For Android Mobile – Free Download

Today everyone has an Android Smartphone. Many people also keep their important data in the Smartphone. Such as Bank Detail, Credit Card Detail, Personal Detail etc .. And many viruses are such that if you can steal lots of personal information, leak or encrypt your files, then today I want to tell you I am the Best Free Antivirus For Android that will prevent Viruses from coming to your Android Smartphone and if Virus is also there then these apps will eliminate that virus.

Best Free Antivirus For Android

  • #01 CM Security
  • #02 Avast
  • #03 Kaspersky Internet Security
  • #04 AVG
  • #05 Bitdefender Mobile Security & Antivirus
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Best Free Antivirus For Android Mobile

#01 CM Security

So far the best antivirus apps for Android Smartphone In CM Security, you will find plenty of features like the best features like virus scanning, removal, app lock and app lock, if anybody tries to access your apps or smartphone, then click on it’s photo and click on it on your email. Send it so that you know that your smartphone was trying to open the com.

Speaking of its rating and download, 50 Million people have downloaded this and it has 4.7 Rat

#02 Avast

Avast is considered quite popular Antivirus in the Windows system. And even in Android it has no answer quite good antivirus. The User Interface is quite Simple it does Remove the Virus Scanning and Virus and you can to lock up its use apps. There also VPN like Features will receive, Photo Vault, Anti Theft, Cleaner, Call Blocker, Wifi Security ..

Talking about its User Review, it has received Positive Response, more than 100 Million people have installed it and 4.5

#03 Kaspersky Internet Security

These antivirus comes in both windows and android and is quite popular also in windows and android. These antivirus lets you open whatever you have installed news apps only after scanning, which is quite good. There are anti-theft features if your smartphone is lost or someone stole it, in such a way, if he tries to open the smartphone, then all your data will be deleted so that your data will not leak, as well as its photo. Clicking will mail you.

Talk about rating and download

#04 AVG

This android antivirus application is very light weight. This does not harm the performance and battery life of your smartphone. If your smartphone is of less configuration then you can use this antivirus.

It has so far downloaded more than 100 million people. And got a rating of 4.5 which is quite good.

#05 Bitdefender Mobile Security & Antivirus

Bitdefender has a lot of name in security. This is for both Windows and Android. Its best quality is that it does not run in the background. In this you can schedule a Scan. It scans all the files in your internal storage and sd card, and delete any unwanted file mismatch it gets.

This 5 Million people have installed and rated 4.5, which is considered to be good ratings.

So friends are using Best Free Antivirus For Android, you can increase the security of your smartphone, make your smartphone safe.

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