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Apple is coming for the first time in the placement of IIT Madras

This year, in the placement drive of IIT Madras, the campus is coming for the first time in the company like Apple and Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI). The placement process in IIT Madras will start from December 1. About 15 percent of the companies registered for placement drive in IIT-Madras will participate for the first time. Companies participating in the placement drive for the first time include UBS AG Nasdaq Stock Market Alvarez and Marcel India Pvt Ltd Country Garden, Halima India Pvt. Ltd., Rubric and Sekisui Chemical.

270 Companies Registered So far

This year, there has been a big jump in the number of companies coming to the Institute for Campus placement. Last year, 250 companies had registered for 400 job profiles, whereas this year, 270 companies registered till date are registered. About 43 percent of these companies are from Core Engineering / R & D Sector, 25 percent Finance / Analytics / Consulting Sectors and 32 percent IT Sector. More than 50 startups will also participate this year. This year, the institute is expected to get maximum job offers.

56% increased pre-placement offers

Also, 56% increase in pre-placement offers has also been recorded this time. So far this year, IIT Madras students have got 114 pre-placement offers, whereas last year 73 PPOs were available. Manu Santhanam, the training and placement counselor at IIT Madras, told that our team of students and staff has worked hard to attract recruits to a large number of campus and there is lot of hope for this placement season. We have a big leap in PPO and seeing this, we hope that this success will also change in the placement. Here, the start-up craze is increasing in IIT Madras. So far there have been 140 startups.

So far 1100 students get registration for the placement

So far 1100 students have registered for the placement in Madras IIT this year. The Institute is confident that this number will increase further because there are many Research students who have completed their research. These students are now getting ready for employment after getting their achievements in research. According to the institute, 35 students have decided not to make their registration in the placement. These students will start either start up or apply for further higher education.

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