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Apple’s Siri will now discover your key

Apple has made Apple’s voice assistant Siri more smart than ever before in the World Wide Developer Conference (WWDC 2018) in California. Now the third-party app will be able to connect with Siri shortcut. Like if you have lost the keys to your house then say from the serial ‘My key has been lost’. Siri will then find your key with the help of tile app. Now you can activate Siri by simply shaking hands. Earlier, I had to say Siri for this.

Siri will now take care of your mail, time and location.
It will also remind you of the information related to the meeting. 
If you are getting late, the rest will ask the team members to give this information. 
Siri will support the iPhone and iPad as well as Apple Watch. 

Will tell the travel plans

Now you do not have to search for travel information on the phone. You must say to Siri, ‘Tell the plan of travel’. After that all the information will pop up. 

IOS 12 launched

Apple has launched the new operating system iOS 12. It will be much faster than the old system. The group Face Time feature has also been added to it. Video callings can be done simultaneously with 32 people at once through FaceTime. Apart from this, Face Time Camera has also been updated. Emoji, sticker and text can now be used here. 

Notification will not appear at night

EyeBooks will now come in the name of Apple Books. 
Do not disturb app has been redesigned too. 
While watching the time at night, the notification will no longer appear. 
Now when you wake up in the morning, a good morning message will be there.

Photo Search by Location and Category 
Apple has launched ARKit 2. 
It will come with face tracking and 3D. 
Photo app has also been upgraded. 
There will be an option of search adjustment in it. 
Users will be able to search photos by location and category. 

Mimoji feature too

Mismo’s feature has been added to messaging. This will embarrass the emoji. Through this feature, users can change their appearance or anybody’s appearance to AR emoji. Apple added the camera effect during the first time. Now you can add user text, animosity, sticker to facetime.

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