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DRDO has successfully tested the Pinak Multi Barrel Rocket System, capable of accurate guessing

DRDO Pinaka Rocket Test: Defense Research and Development Organization, i.e., DRDO has twice successfully tested the Pinaka Multiballer Rocket System. During this test the weapon system came true on all parameters.

New Delhi: DRDO has successfully tested the MultiBarrel Pinak Rocket System. It is capable of destroying enemies’ bases from a long distance. Two rockets were conducted on this rocket system on Monday, which were completely successful. According to information from DRDO, this test of weapon system is done in the Pokhran range. This weapon is capable of reviving the Indian army’s artillery.

The Pinak Rocket System is equipped with a state-of-the-art guided system with advance navigation and control systems. In both tests, the rocket successfully demolished the expected target. The rocket system in the test has made a very precise and accurate target. It was monitored while tracking the rocket during the trial. The weapon system in the test completed all the desired objectives.

Indigenous Guided Rocket Pinak, developed by DRDO, is the perfect weapon of the Indian Army’s Artillery, which is capable of precision targeting on enemy bases from several kilometers away. According to the report of PTI, successful indigenous Guided rocket system Pinak was successfully tested on Monday from Pokhran Maru area in Rajasthan. This will strengthen the capabilities of the army. 

This weapon system is equipped with state-of-the-art guidance kit which includes an advanced navigation and control system. The Ministry of Defense said, “DRDO’s indigenous developed Pinak will significantly increase the capacity of weapon reserves to make precise targets.”

It was said about the test that the weapon system made a very precise target on fixed targets and achieved the desired accuracy. The Ministry said, ‘Telemetry system has monitored and monitored the vehicle during the flight path. All the mission objectives have been fulfilled.

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