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During the forecast period from 2018 to 2026, the cable modem market can see a significant increase of 6.5%.

Market Excerpt

Increasing demand for high-speed internet services in end-use application segment to meet cable modem demand

The global market value for cable modem was valued at US $ 6,455.5 million in 2017 and there could be a significant increase of 6.5% during the forecast period from 2018 to 2026, using high-speed broadband network There is growing demand. Residential Consumers are eager to connect their many smart devices to the Internet for the needs of their daily data, which is increasing the demand of external cable modem globally. In addition, the growing number of IPTV subscribers is also demanding high-speed broadband services. Small and medium enterprises to depend heavily on Internet services for their daily activities. Apart from this, the shifting trend towards BOYD in the corporate sector is also demanding for efficient high-speed internet services. All these factors are expected to increase the demand for the cable modem to meet efficient internet services in all end-use applications.

Asia Pacific Global Cable Modem is the most attractive market in the industry

In 2017, Asia Pacific was responsible for the largest revenue share in the global cable modem industry. With the increasing demand for high-speed internet, the demand for the cable modem is expected to increase in emerging markets like India, China and South East Asia, due to the reach of the Internet. It is anticipated that fixed broadband customers in India are expected to grow more than 40% in the next four years, with the increasing demand for high-speed internet. Wired broadband customers in India expected to cross 26 million users from 18.2 million users from 2017 to 2021. This demand is expected from residential users, commercial office locations, schools and institutions and small-scale enterprises. In China and South-East Asia, there has been considerable increase in cable modem with the increasing number of wired broadband subscribers. North America and Europe are mature markets with high Internet penetration in leading countries and cable modem market in these areas is expected to increase steadily with the increasing number of smart homes in these areas.

The external cable modem is the most attractive product category in which there is an increasing number of smart homes and high-speed Internet demand.

Expectation of the fastest increase in the external cable modem category is the increasing number of smart homes and with the increasing demand of connecting many devices with the Internet. External cable modem allows multiple devices to be connected to the Internet. In addition, the growing number of IPTV subscribers is also expected to increase demand for external cable modems. In addition, external cable modems are easily portable and provide expansion slots for many uses. These modems are equipped with indicator light to check the condition of the modem. All these factors make it an ideal choice on the internal modem range.

Global cable modem makers are facing stiff competition from low-cost Chinese solutions

The global cable modem industry includes a large number of multinational and domestic players. Chinese manufacturers like D-Link Corporation and TP-Link Technologies Co., Ltd. and others are concentrating on expanding in India, Southeast Asia and other emerging markets to strengthen their position in the global cable modem industry. Some of the key players in the global cable modem industry include Arkadian Technology Corporation, ARRIS International plc., Askey Corporation, CastleNet Technology Inc., Cisco Systems, Inc., D-Link Corporation, Lindsay Broadband Inc., Technicolor S.A., Tekfun Co., Ltd., TP-Link Technologies Co., Ltd., Zoom Telephonics, Inc and others.

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Cable Modem market is divided into the following categories:

Cable modem market by type (2016-2026; US $ MN)

  • External Cable Modems
  • Internal Cable Modems
  • Interactive Set-Top Box

Cable Modem Solutions Market Application (2016-2026; US $ MN)

  • Residential
  • Commercial
  • Industrial
  • Schools and Institutes

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