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Expert’s Beauty Tips Will Return to Face

Due to pollution and dirt, the facial glow is lost. False facial acne, tanning and jhayas face the face of the face. NBT talked about it with some beautification and useful beauty tips.

Fine color, unblemished skin, shiny face Everyone feels good. But due to pollution and dust-soil, the glow of the face is lost. False facial acne, tanning and jhayas face the face of the face. NBT talked about it with some beautification and useful beauty tips :

Raw potatoes
raw potato Find the scrub on Grind face. Then add raw milk on the second day. This causes skin scars to become light. The grilled cucumber cleanses the skin and tones. 

Coconut water
coconut water is very effective to remove the stains of skin. Mix one spoon honey in coconut water and pour it into ice tray and store ice. Then slip one piece each day and lightly rub it on the face. Wash with water after 10 minutes. Coconut water contains carotene, which removes the upper layer of the skin and develops new skin. 

Coconut oil and camphor
dust and soil, pollution cause skin rash and nail acne. Mix coconut oil and mix well with a pinch of camphor. Put it on the face with a light hand massage. Wash with water after 10 minutes. The stain is removed from raw milk every morning by cleaning the face. Try this solution Alternate a month for a day. 

Malai and turmeric
mixed with a pinch of turmeric powder and 1/4 teaspoon of rose water in a tsp milk cream. Then leave it like this. After twenty minutes wash the face with lukewarm water or fresh water. By making it daily for two months, the color will be cleaned and the stains will be removed. 

Regular use of fruit packs
There are anticiens in the fruit, which are used to hydrate the skin, and also to remove stains. Cooked half-cooked fruit for the fruit pack, mixing one piece of mashed papaya, add half a teaspoon of honey and put it on face every morning before bedtime. Wash with water 20 minutes later. Stains and spots are removed by continuous for a month. The brightness also comes on the face.

contain antioxidants inside tomatoes, which nourish the skin. Cut the tomatoes from the middle and take them in both hands and rotate in the round on the face and then lightly hold them with light hands. Then leave it for 10 minutes. Wash and wash the face with clean water and moisturizer. 

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