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Genetic testing company joins the innovation hub

A special geneticist testing company focused on cardio fitness, Writingland, ABHI (Association of British Healthtech Industries) Innovation Hub, is a unique partnership between ABHI and Dale Medical School at the University of Texas in Austin.

This is very exciting news from the NHS to Wrightsanglund and their stakeholders, which are further expanding the UK’s Med Tech Outreach in the US. Apart from this, this is the perfect time for Rightangled because they are expanding their services in the Atlantic. The company has recently been confronting and signing service agreements with logistic suppliers, accredited laboratories and other partners in the US, with whom they are providing their services to American consumers.

Abdullah Sabah, co-founder and CEO of Rightangled, said:

“When we released our initial product, Heart DNA test, our first online order came from the US. This was an indication for us, and now America is 20% of our monthly sales. This organic American development is happening without a marketing campaign or local business development. “

Today ABH Innovation Hub, located within the Dell Made Health collab, provides an opportunity for Writing to continue the development of future American business within a world-class facility and within an ecosystem of clinics, investors and mentors. It also provides a basic framework for strengthening the reach of Texas and its market and access to clinics.

Philip Kennedy, Chair of ABHI, commented:

“ABHI Innovation Hub at Dale Medical School will provide a unique opportunity to actually help Writingangled in world-class facility. Hub will support promising health technology innovation to develop value-based healthcare for the benefit of patients in Texas at home and throughout the UK. “

Dale Medical School has a strong focus on supporting health entrepreneurs and businesses. Being part of the Innovation Hub also means that Writing will also be able to participate in the designated Texas Health Catalyst, a program designed to promote health research and advance innovation by Dale Medical School.

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