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Netflix conveys worldwide subscriber base up to 139 million

Revenues for the last three months of the year increased by 27 percent to $ 4.19 billion.

Two days after the announcement that its most popular plan would cost $ 2, Netflix revealed that it increased its subscriber base to 8.84 million or about 26 percent.

The jump, which puts it on 139 million customers worldwide, was a record for the streaming giants and was ahead of the previously announced 7.6 million paid additions. Breaks, Netflix has lost the US 1.53 million customers and 7.31 million customer pairs internationally. After the soft growth in America, where there is already significant access and where price increases will be effective, investors are asked to bring Netflix stock down to 4 percent.

Netflix estimates that it will add 8.9 million customers during the first three months of 2019 – 1.6 million in the US and 7.3 million in overseas customers.

Revenue from 27 percent to $ 4.19 billion for the last three months of the year, Wall Street’s expectations dropped slightly and earnings went up to 30 cents per share. Analysts were looking for revenue of $ 4.21 billion and 24 cents per share.

Annual revenue grew 35 percent to $ 16 billion during 2018 and operating profit almost doubled to $ 1.6 billion.

Netflix should continue to spend big on programming to keep subscribers connected to their service and to prevent churning. The company’s annual content budget, which includes licensed and original projects, was expected to reach $ 8 billion during 2018. Investors appreciated the value addition as an indicator, which is committed to covering those growing programming, which is currently burning through cash, Netflix. (And marketing) costs

In a rare step for Netflix, the company just showed on Thursday how content expenditure shows you (with a pickup from Lifetime recently) and data from select viewers for films like Bird Box. While not direct comparison of television ratings, it is revealed that, during its first month at Netflix, sex education is being seen in 40 million homes, there is some indication about working on the platform. (A definition of Netflix is ​​that which completes at least 70 percent of a TV episode or movie.)

Content major Ted Sarandos told about the decision to disclose more information about the audience during NetFlix’s earning video interview. “I will see it in such a way that they are at least financial metrics because they are cultural matrix,” he said, “what is important, which is for the part of your Netflix membership, you are in the zodiac. You are watching programming. At the same time the rest of the world are loving. “Removal teased that Netflix will continue to do such disclosures even further.

What will happen to most Netflix businesses when entertainment giants like Disney, Warner Media and NBCunivers start pulling library programming for their own streaming services. Netflix pointed out that change in its earnings report, “We are ready to run the studio, when studios, networks and manufacturers are willing to sell, but we are also ready to keep our members. If our content wants to maintain its content for our services, then Bliss with our incredible original content. “

Netflix says it is not concerned with the growing competition of entertainment giants. In its shareholder letter, the company mentioned that it earns approximately 10 percent screen time in the US. “We compete with Fortnite over HBO (and lose)” reads the letter. “When YouTube went down on the global level for a few minutes in October, our viewing and signup increased for that time, compared to YouTube to see the time, and they are successful in America, But there are non-existent in Canada, which makes a comparison point: our penetration is quite similar in both countries. “(Hulu, it should be noted that there are 25 million customers in the US, which has less than half the Netflix membership in the country. But compared to 5.7 million Netflix, about 7.7 million domestic customers were involved in it during 2018.)

Netflix CEO Reid Hastings further said that, because in the US about 1 billion hours of TV content is being consumed per day, the entry of a new player “admits only margin, so we do not concentrate so much. On a competitor. “

Netflix shares closed at less than 1 percent and closed at $ 353.19. Less than fewer customers dropped more than 4 percent after the stock hours on the growth.

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