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New contraceptives, injections, condoms or medicines for men will not work but will only work from the gels

1 Men are constantly working on new contraceptives. A recent injection has been invented by Chinese researchers, which are being worked on. But now there has been such contraceptive for men who will be more effective than injection, condom and medicine. Learn what this new contraceptive is. All photos: Getty Images

2 Scientists have claimed that they have invented a contraceptive that can be prevented from getting pregnant by maling on men’s hands.

3 Scientists have said that it is very effective from contraceptive pills or any other treatment. But researchers are yet to experiment on it yet.

4 This gel is named NES / T. It is hormonal-based treatment that reduces the production of sperm without reducing the desire of sex.

5 Scientists have claimed that they will be available in the market for 3 to 5 years.

6 Edinburgh University researcher Richard Anderson says that it is very effective on men and there is no side effects.

7 Researchers believe that these gels can be more convenient than injection. Not only this, it can also prevent the production of sperm from 4 months. Men who use this gel will be able to give birth to the baby after 6 months.

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