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No heart will be sick now, good blood circulation in the body

Four valves in the heart can affect the flow of blood through your heart, but now the effective treatment of valve infections through valveplastic and other techniques is possible …

Just as there are different mechanisms and procedures of every part of our body, so does every part of the human heart also have its own process. Valves play an important role in our heart. These paper attached to the wall of the heart, the same thin membranes are constantly open and closed, which regulate blood flow, causing heartbeat in the heart.

The valves
have four valves-mitral valves, tricuspid, aortic and pulmonary valves in the heart. The valves engaged in the heart chamber are open and closed with each heart beat. If the heart valves are working properly, then blood circulation is going forward without any obstruction. When shrinkage or any other problem in the heart valve, the blood does not go completely forward and returns to the rear.

Many people suffer from valve disease in the country. Sadly, during the pregnancy, young women find that they have heart valves disease. Their breath starts flowing, as well as the throbbing blows. In this situation, after doing an inquiry called echocardiography, it is found that their valve valve is tight (narrow or narrow) and they need to be treated immediately.

About treatment
many times patients have to face the leakage of the valve with the valve tightness. This condition is called mitral regurgitation. Bad valve from rheumatic heart disease is cured with balloon valveplastic according to the condition. In the context of most patients, our efforts are to open the tight valve with the balloon valveplastic without surgery. Valve, opened without surgery, usually works well for 7 to 10 years and can be opened when it is closed again.

Due to the merge
, large scale cases of rheumatic heart disease appear in the country. In such cases, the problem of mitral valve defect, i.e. the valve’s tightness (Narrow) is more common. This problem is called mitral stenosis. Usually the area of ​​the valve is four centimeters and when it shrinks with rheumatic heart disease, its area decreases to a centimeter, then the patient’s breathing starts, the thrombosis increases, weakness comes and the weight does not increase is.

If there is too much leakage with tight valve, then such patients are replaced with open heart surgery, the valve is changed. People have to think that if a new valve is applied, then the problem is always lost. It is not right to believe that. That’s because, after changing the valve you may have to face some difficulties. Just as patients have to take medicines to dilute blood every day, for which to check the exact amount of blood they have to be repeatedly examined.

It has also been observed that the new heart valve is inserted due to reducing medicines when it is thickened and it does not work properly. In such a case it is necessary to take emergency treatment, otherwise this condition can cause death. In this type of patient, specially made blood samples are given medicines and at the right time, the deadly condition can be avoided with medicines. Along with this, many surgeries have a weakness in the heart chamber, due to which we always try to avoid surgery and open the tight valve with the balloon valveplastic.

Without treating tight valves, many times a blood clot is produced in the left atrium behind the valve, which can cause stroke by going into the brain. Many times the valve gets infected and it can cause a high fever, which can last for a long period of time. A condition that is caused due to the infections of the heart valve is called bacterial endocarditis. It is important to treat it with antibiotics.

Balloon valveplastic is used
by PTMC Also called. This is a great gift for valve patients. That’s because, in this, a balloon is thrown by local anesthesia to the valve like angiography, and the valve is thrown open. It takes less than half an hour for this valve to open the verb. Patients with a narrowing or narrowing of the valve should never be late or hesitant to take the cure. Many times the calcium gets accumulated in the valve. In such a situation, the valve can be opened by balloon valvapalasti in certain patients. When we open valves during pregnancy in women, special techniques are used for them so that there is no harm to the child born in the womb.

When Change Valve
When there is too much leakage in the valve, then the valve should be replaced by surgery. Heart valves become tight and calcium accumulates in them. This condition adversely affects the activity of the heart. Valve can be opened by balloon valvaplasti in certain patients, such as in children or old age, where open heart surgery can not be done. Source (
[Doctor, Purushottam Lal 

Senior Interventional, Chirographer Metro Heart Institute, Noida]

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