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Rising Strength: In these 10 areas, the top 10 comes in India

India has become the fourth country in the space to shoot live satellites in the lower class. Earlier this capacity was close to the US, Russia and China. PM Modi briefed about this achievement in addressing the nation on Wednesday. Under mission power, India successfully killed a Live Satellite in three minutes from indigenous anti-satellite missile ‘A-SAT’. Here are 10 areas where India is the top-10 in the world. 

1. At the seventh place in the GDP, 
Indian economy is the fastest growing economy in the world. In the case of GDP, it is at seventh place. But according to the IMF report, India ($ 2.69 trillion) will soon beat France (2.79 trillion) in 2019 and come back to sixth place. In the first place, US (20.51 trillion), China ($ 13.45 trillion) on the second, Japan (5.07 trillion) on third, Germany (4.03 trillion) on the fourth, and UK (2.81 trillion dollars) on the fifth. 

2. India has the fourth
largest force in the world. Indian Army is one of the top 5 powerful forces in the world. According to a list released by Global Firepower, India has the fourth largest force in the world. On the basis of military strength, it is America, Russia and China at the top of the list and after that India is number one. 

3. Leading in the production of milk, tea and rice
. India and America are among the countries producing the highest milk in the world. 
According to a report, about 17 per cent of the world’s milk is produced in India. India’s milk production is about three times higher than the world average. In the case of rice and tea production, India is second in the world after China. 

4. India is second in the world in terms of steel production in second place in  steel production. According to the World Steel Association (World Steel) report of January 2019, India recently came second to Japan, surpassing Japan. China is the first place where 51 percent of the world’s steel is produced. America is fourth, South Korea on fifth. This is followed by Russia, Germany, Turkey, Brazil and Iran.

5.India is the sixth richest country in the world according to the list released by India Bank, Global Wealth Migration Review, in May 2018, in India’s Top 10 rich countries . India was ranked sixth in the list of the world’s richest countries. In this list, America is in the first place, with a total wealth of $ 6,2584 billion. After US, China was second with $ 24,803 billion and Japan was third with $ 19,522 billion. According to the report, India’s assets are $ 8,230 billion. 

6. The fourth place in the rail network,
Indian Railways (67,368 km) network is fourth in the world. It is the 8th largest employer in the world. In the first place, America (257,722 km), China (131,000 km) on the second, Russia (85,500 km) on the third. 

7. Film 
India is the largest producer of films. Here film industry is the world’s second oldest industry. 

8.India’s second largest consumer  mobile phone after mobile phone is the second place after China. According to a report, where there are 1,100,000,000 mobile phones in China, there are 893,862,000 mobile phones in India. After this the US, Indonesia and Russia come. 
9. Record of the highest satellite launch simultaneously,
in 2017, the Indian Space Research Institute (ISRO) launched a new history by launching 104 satellites simultaneously. Earlier in the space mission, so many satellites were not left together. Before this, the world record for sending the most satellite to any one campaign so far was Russia’s name, which in 2014 had worked to send 37 satellites in one campaign.

Delhi Metro (343.4 km) is 8th in the world in 8th place in the Metro. First place Shanghai (676 km), Beijing (628 km) on the other, Guangzhou (476.3 km) on the third. These three are in China. 

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