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Robots, how are people born in trust

Robot and Human Relation: Scientists are researching on how robots create trust in humans.

Toronto: Scientists are trying to figure out how robots trust or explain to humans in humans. Through this discovery, it will help in the direction of development of Artificial Intelligence in the next generation of socially assisted machines in health and other areas. Shan Saunderson, a PhD student at the University of Toronto, Canada, said, “The purpose of my research is to remove the curtains from the behaviors and approaches that robots can motivate humans.”

He said that it can appear in the form of their expressions, or verbal policies to reach out to people. In the supervision of Associate Professor Goldie Negeb, Saunderson studied persuasion strategies so that it can be ascertained as to how much human decisions would be more affected. The top two strategies that emerged were one of the emotional approaches and the second logical approach. 

Sonderson found that humans were more influenced by emotional tactics rather than logical strategy. Researchers say that socially assisted robots can prove to be helpful in reducing the burden of the health system that is undergoing heavy burden. The full details of this experiment design are given in the ‘IEEE Robotics and Automation Letters’ magazine.

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