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Search on the Moon, China-NASA will work together

NASA is preparing to work closely with China’s space agency for a new search on the Moon. From the campaign, efforts will be made to set up a human habitation on the Moon and to prepare for future missions in search of remote areas of outer space. The US space agency discussed the possibility of exploring the data sent from the Chinese National Space Administration (CNSA) from Yan Chang-4 last month. This Chinese ship has landed on the moon surface this month.

The American Space Agency has said that NASA is working on its plan to return to the Moon. It would be important to coordinate with business and international partners for this purpose. According to the agency, this approach will help expand the human activities outside the solar system. With the new information for the earth, this new opportunity will also be a chance.

NASA will carry out a robotic mission for the lunar mission next year. It involves studying the resources on the Moon and preparing the surface for the continuous presence of humans, as well as the availability of oxygen and hydrogen for future vehicles. NASA says that the surface of the moon can also serve as a crucial place for testing and technology testing, from where the future will be prepared to send humans to remote areas of Mars and outer space. The Space Agency has said that under the guidance of the Administration and the US Congress (Parliament), NASA’s cooperation with China is of transparent, mutual and mutual benefit.

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