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Sewer Camera Inspection Near Me: Sewer Line Inspection Report

What is a Sewer Camera Inspection?

First of all, let’s see what sewer camera inspection is. Generally, sewer lines are installed under the foundation of your home. The concrete slab is about 4 or 5 inches thick and then there is about 2 feet or so much dirt on top of the pipe.

To inspect pipes and detect potential problems, a special sewer video camera head attached to a flexible cable is inserted in the main sewer line cleanout, or in some cases, the sink is done through the vent stack and the pipes. . Then the plumber looks at a monitor at the ground level and what is going on in your pipe.

Here at in-house plumbing, we help us to determine what is your problem by using a sewer camera. However, unlike our competition, we know there are some problems that can not find the camera alone.

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How Does Sewer Line Camera Inspection Work?

How Does Sewer Line Camera Inspection Work?

Finding Problems in Your Sewer System

These days the objects are getting smaller and smaller and the cameras are no different. With large, heavy equipment, the cameras have since changed since then and have become smaller and smaller. It is small enough to fit behind most smartphones, while being capable of capturing high-resolution images.

Since the cameras have become very small now, they have not only received more applications for spying and undercover operations but also for the plumbing industry, which is very useful.

Instead of using the large manual tool, to justify the gear or even dig a whole field to justify the exact cause of the problem in the pipe, which included a lot of trial and error, now the plumber to inspect the pipe And the sewer lines are specially created for that purpose by using a small camera.

If there is a problem with your sewer lines – like clog or leakage – then this camera line inspection can be easily detected. Read on to learn about sewer line camera inspection.

Which type of camera is used to inspect the sewer lines?

A special type of camera is used for sewer line inspection and it is called sewer inspection camera or sewer pipe camera.

It is a small, flexible camera, which is to be stored in sewer lines and pipes to allow an ocular examination of sewer pipes or lines located under homes, buildings or roads. Most sewer inspection cameras are fit to use for large pipes or tight drains.

These cameras are used to get the exact picture inside the pipes, which plumber can see for any problem. Sewer pipe camera is a fairly new technology, which is ideal for using accuracy to identify the most difficult problems.

Because of this, the professional sewer repairers do not need to dig those areas which can lead to further damage. Sewer inspection cameras can be used to identify various problems in your pipes and sewer drains. Read on to learn about the most common sewer problems faced by professionals.

Reasons Why a Sewer Camera Can’t Locate a Leak

A leak is the water avoiding pipe through a hole, brake, or crack. Since the camera is inside the pipe, so it can not be seen outside the pipe. Meaning, it can not be seen whether some pipes are leaking out or not. It can only show what is going on in the pipes.

The plumber is watching a monitor showing the camera “sees”, so the plumber has to explain, or guess what he is seeing. He can think that he can see something that looks like a holes, breaks or cracks in the pipe. But keep in mind, this is your sewer system about which we are talking about. This is where your waste flows and runs. Believe us when we say it does not look good. And it becomes more difficult to tell everything else and whether there is something entirely based on leaks that can be seen on the monitor.

Sewer pipe is usually one of two types: cast iron or PVC, both thick walled pipe. So many may possibly look like a hole or crack or brake. But because the walls of the pipes are so thick, it is possible that the plumber watching is not going through the pipe through the entire path, so no water is leaking out. Result: No leakage.

Especially with cast iron, but it can also be true for PVC, there are years of buildup on pipe walls. Calcium, soap scum, oil, debris … you name it, make your sewer on the walls of the pipe. So the plumber sees that a crack or hole can be very well built into the buildup and not the actual pipe.

We estimate that about 95% of the Dallas area pipeline companies are using a camera as their primary device to detect the leak. They come, just run an inspection with a sewer camera and then tell you that you have a leak.

But keep in mind, what may seem like a leak on the camera can not really be a leak.

Conclusion – Find the Best Fix for Your Sewer Line Issues

Now that you know how sewer-line camera inspection works, you can be more confident in calling professionals to fix those issues with your pipes and sewer lines. Not only that, but you can also ask the right questions that you can ask while doing a sewerline camera inspection in your home.

Information is really valuable and now you have useful knowledge that can be useful to you when you experience problems like these. You have the option to know the basic way of inspecting your pipes or in a more sophisticated way. Whatever path you choose, you can find comfort in the fact that you know what the professional repairs are doing and what they are doing.

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