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Solar energy help, scientists find simple way to find

Solar energy: Scientists have prepared a membrane, which will help the solar panel to detect the sunlight direction throughout the day. This can make solar energy more affordable and accessible in developing countries.

New York: Scientists have developed a metal composite that can increase the energy output of the sunlight captured in solar cells to increase it to about one-third. The researchers said that with the developing countries, basic facilities can be helped to increase the solar energy captured for remote areas, in this simple, cheap and simple way.

Beth Parks, co-professor of America’s Colgate University, said, “20 to 25 percent of people in Uganda do not have electricity.” Parks said, “A solar cell gives so much energy that the light can burn and the cellphone and radio can be charged. This is a great way of improving life. ‘ Even though the solar panels are the pure source of renewable energy, they are typically molded in a fixed mold and are folded in the best way towards the sun in certain hours of the day.

Parks worked with students of Uganda’s Mumbara University of Science and Technology, using a tube of metal, designed by a local welder that can easily be achieved and fit. Parks said, “We have prepared a cam from affordable items that would prove helpful to the solar panels to detect the sunlight direction throughout the day.” He said, ‘In this way solar power can become more affordable and accessible for the homes and small businesses of developing countries.’

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