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This drug of weight loss has also been approved for long period

The American Food and Drug Administration has approved the use of phantomine’s long-term medicine used for weight loss. This drug was approved for use in the period of 3 months 60 years ago.

One study says that the use of this drug in long-term blood pressure or heart attack, stroke, is not likely to increase the risk of death. The results have been published in the Obsessive Journal. Christina H. Lewis, Assistant Professor at Wake Forest School of Medicine, USA, says that exercise and diet are the most important in any weightloss program. But only half of the patients involved in weight loss attempts do not get success from making lifestyle changes. In such cases medicines or surgery are necessary. Generic fanmine is an effective alternative.

Now that we see obesity as a pandemic, the need for such medicines also increases which can be used in the long run. Many new drugs for obesity have been approved for use in the long run. But these medicines can be quite expensive. Professor Lewis says that phentermine medicine is a stimulant and it should not be used by heart patients, stroke or uncontrolled blood pressure patients.

Although such people may be reluctant to use them, where the risk of cardiovascular disease is low, blood pressure is normal or high bp is cured by treatment. For this study, researchers studied the statistics of 13,972 adults using phentermine in a short and longer period.

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