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Top Research University enjoys easy-to-use software to support enterprise-wide temperature monitoring, alarms and reporting

In such facilities where medical research is leading new healing and treatment, the viewLinc system protects important samples, processes and products.

In the hospitals, the Department of Pediatrics often works closely with research institutions to make new treatments and treatments for childhood diseases. Usually research is separated into areas that address specific types of disorders, For example: Specific diseases like cancer, blood disorder, infectious disease, vaccination, clinical and translation related research, endocrinology, cardiology and cystic fibrosis or autism. These can come under large categories of physiology, medical science and pathogenesis.

Regardless of the division of topics and research goals, investigators and employees have shared many facilities and resources to ensure the continuity of practices such as drug compounding and sample or drug storage methods. Good methods for the storage and operation of research samples and medicines reduce pollution risk, reduce the risk of loss or loss of valuable specimens, and ensure the integrity of the study data.

In a major American research university, which generates more than $ 574 million in annual research funding, research is conducted in more than 40 specifications in combination with research from medical, nursing and healthcare schools. In 2009, the Vesala Voinal Monitoring System was established in many ultra freezers and bioreposies. After several years, the department has monitoring over one hundred cold storage chambers with the Vesala Temperature Data Logger. The system ensures that the storage chambers are kept safe from invaluable research materials, if the temperature threshold is ever dissolved, then send an alarm to the designated personnel.

Data loggers are connected to visual monitoring, alarms, and reporting software on the network of convenience. Most data loggers connect via Power Over Ethernet (POE) or Wi-Fi. The data logger used in most cells is DL1016-1416, which can simultaneously monitor the temperature in four different applications. These wide-range temperature data loggers are used in different cells, Including ultra-low temperature freezers, freezers/refrigerators units to incubators.

In the surveillance system, the Facilities Manager for Pediatric Department said:

“The Vesala visual monitoring system is a great addition to our convenience. The hardware is strong and the software is user-friendly and intuitive. The functionality of the system is permitted for different levels of use, from the health monitoring of our cold storage system to clinical trials, to capture the temperature reports. “

In more than six years, the use and expansion of surveillance system has been increasingly familiar, the manager is aware of how difficult it can be to train a wide range of users on the new system. But viewLinc is designed to be easy to use, so training is quick and easy.

“The accessibility of the interface should be with a research institution as much as ours,” the manager of the facilities said. “We are happy with Vassala’s support provided during the rollout of software updates, as well as any questions on the scene.”

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