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Unmanned Crew Dragon Spacecraft completed its first flight

SpaceX’s Crew Dragon Spacecraft: SpaceX’s crew dragon spacecraft completed its first unmanned test flight.

WASHINGTON: The crew dragon spacecraft of SpaceX, a company owned by Alan Musk, has completed its historic unmanned test flight on Friday. Yan landed in the Atlantic monsoon at 8.45 am Eastern Standard Time. This unmanned performance mission, named Demo-1, is the first test flight of any intervention system designed for human beings and it is manufactured and operated by a U.S. commercial company through a public-private partnership.

NASA administrator Jim Bridstein said in a tweet that today’s successful return to the crew dragon-vehicle space center under the demo-1 of SpaceX is another milestone in a new era of human space flight. The ship left the International Space Station at 2.32 in the morning, according to Eastern Time. The unmanned demo-1 test flight has shown the ability of the SpaceX to fly and return the safe manned flight to ISS.

NASA and SpaceX will use Demo-1 data for further preparation of Demo-2. Demo-2 will be a human-based mission that will take NASA astronauts Bob Becken and Doug Harley to the ISS. This mission is currently proposed in July.

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