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What are the advantages and disadvantages of offshore wind farms?

What is an Offshore Wind Farm?

Offshore wind farms are large quantities of wind turbines that are cited offshore, as seen in Fig. The only difference between offshore wind farms and “regular” wind turbines is that these wind farms lie over on bodies of water, either on stilts or on pontoons, rather than sit on land. Offshore wind farms have been installed in 11 countries across Europe, most heavily in the UK, Germany and Denmark. offshore wind farms have been installed with 8045 MW of wind capacity.


The speed of offshore wind is faster than the land. A small increase in the speed of wind makes a big increase in energy production: a wind turbine of 15 miles per hour can generate twin energy from the turbine in the air of 12 miles per hour. Faster wind speed offshore means that too much energy can be generated.

The offshore wind speed is stable compared to the land. A steady supply of wind means a more reliable source of energy.

Many coastal areas need a lot of energy. Half of the United States population lives in coastal areas, with concentrations in 1 major coastal cities. The construction of offshore wind farms in these areas can help in meeting the energy needs from nearby sources.

Offshore wind farms have similar benefits to land-based wind farms – they provide renewable energy; They do not consume water; They provide a household energy source; They create jobs; And they do not emit environmental pollutants or greenhouse gases.


Construction and maintenance of offshore wind farms can be expensive and difficult.

It is very difficult to build strong and safe wind farms in deeper waters than about 200 feet (~ 60 meters) or more than half the football field. Although coastal waters from the eastern coast of the American coast are relatively shallow, almost all the potential wind power resources from the west coast are in this water beyond the depth. Floating wind turbines have started to overcome this challenge.

Wave action, and even very strong winds, especially during heavy storms or storms, can damage wind turbines

To send electricity back to the ground, production and installation of electric wires under seafloor can be very expensive.

The effect of offshore wind farms on marine animals and birds has not been fully understood

Offshore wind farms built within the coastal view (up to 26 miles offshore, on the basis of position can be unpopular between local residents and can affect tourism and property values.

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